The 4 Kinds Of Internet Shopper

  WHO ARE YOUR ONLINE PATIENTS? Essentially there are four kinds of internet shopper and at design4dentists we spend a lot of time studying dental websites to discover how visitors behave. So does your website cater for the following potential new patients? Find out about dental website design >   1. YOUR ‘BUY NOW’ PATIENT These are patients who are almost dying to meet you. They are in pain and need a dentist urgently so they are looking for a practice which provide emergency dental appointments any time, day or night. This kind of internet shopper is ready to buy into your dental services immediately or commit to registering with you. The ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Need It Urgently’ […]

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Generate ROI From Your Dental Website

  DENTAL WEBSITE ROI At design4dentists we are passionate about helping our dentists generate a great return on their dental websites. This is not a straight forward exercise as it requires planning, strategy and cooperation from both design4dentists and the staff working in your dental practice. Before creating a dental website, you need to be clear about your objectives. Why do you need a website? what do you want your website to achieve? and how do you want it to communicate with your audience? If your website is designed with purpose to attract the right patients as well as helping to educate them about your dental treatments, then you are on the right path to […]

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Dental Website: The Essential Ingredients

  IS YOUR DENTAL WEBSITE ONLY HALF BAKED? Does your dental website include all the essential ingredients to allow it to become successful? Why not send us your website domain address and design4dentists will score your website against your local competitors for FREE. Simply fill in the form below and design4dentists will send you the results of the test   ONLY 13% OF DENTAL WEBSITES SCORE OVER 50/100 Yes it is true. We have scored many websites over the past few years and discovered that there are very few dental practice websites that include the essential ingredients patients wish to read. Potential new patients are bombarded with choice but what they really need is the confidence to […]

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Dental Website Smart Goals

  PREPARING YOUR DENTAL WEBSITE FOR SUCCESS? Written below are a few tips to help you prepare for the year ahead. By carrying out simple tasks and setting achievable SMART goals you will be able to find out how successful your dental website can be. Our dentists who have the right dental website design set-up, who also regularly update their website and monitor its achievements, generate a superb return on their investment.   S: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION Have a search on Google and see how easily your dental practice website can be found for various keywords. They have  to include dental treatments and services you offer. If your website cannot be […]

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How expert dental seo can increase website enquiries

How Dental SEO Can Boost Your Website Enquiries

    FIVE KEY SEO FACTORS EVERY DENTIST SHOULD CONSIDER Find out how search engine optimisation can improve the performance of your dental website. Having paid thousands of pounds to create your dental practice website, you will want to generate a steady stream of new patient enquiries and a good return on your initial investment as soon as possible. Advertising your website on Google Adwords is a quick fix that can place you at the top of the search engines immediately but this can be very costly and is not sustainable if your marketing budget has limited funds. Advanced dental SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies and implementation will enable your website […]

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Cheap Dental Websites

THE TOP TEN COMMON MISTAKES Here is a useful dental website guide to help prevent dentists from making mistakes and wasting their money on cheap dental website design. My dental marketing business design4dentists has been designing and building dental websites for many years and we work continuously on improving website packages that are created specifically to include the necessary foundation ingredients to launch a successful dental practice website from the onset. There is no such thing as a perfect website, but ignoring professional advise from a dental marketing expert or an experienced dental website agency can prove a costly mistake for your business. Ask the right questions, invest in the right website design agency and you […]

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Dental Website Design – A Set Up Guide For Success

  TOP TEN DENTAL WEBSITE TIPS A dental website can be a significant investment and requires research prior to deciding on the right dental website marketing company to produce what should be regarded as your most important marketing tool. It is also a shop window for your dental practice and a showcase for you personally as the principal dentist to communicate your expertise, approachability and areas of specialisation. For some reason, many dentists still feel that they do not require a website but this is unthinkable in this digital age! The single quickest and easiest way for the public to source a dentist – whether for NHS dental treatment or private/cosmetic dental […]

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Is your dental website compliant?

Dental website compliance is not just about conforming to GDC regulations, its also about accommodating the wishes of the user and how search engines and internet portals grade your website for optimum exposure. At design4dentists are focused on dental website compliance to ensure dentists can make the most of their opportunities with online dental marketing. We also offer a full range of branded design and support services to enable your dental practice to not only look good online, but get you found by your ideal patients. Many dental websites also fall down the search engine listings due to dated build structures. Some of the more modern dental websites require a refresh just to help them achieve […]

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