Dental Website Smart Goals



Written below are a few tips to help you prepare for the year ahead. By carrying out simple tasks and setting achievable SMART goals you will be able to find out how successful your dental website can be.

Our dentists who have the right dental website design set-up, who also regularly update their website and monitor its achievements, generate a superb return on their investment.



Have a search on Google and see how easily your dental practice website can be found for various keywords. They have  to include dental treatments and services you offer. If your website cannot be found for these services or you are low down on the organic Google listings, then set your first SMART goal of where you would like to be listed and contact your web designer or dental SEO specialist for help. Being easily found will drive more traffic to your dental website.

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Dentists always educate their patients about the importance of maintaining good oral health and cleaning their teeth at least twice a day. We know regular visits to the dentist or hygienist will ensure our teeth, gums and mouth are checked for any potential problems and it is important to do so.

Dentists must do the same with their dental website. Your second SMART goal is to ensure you have a monthly web maintenance or a development plan in place with your dental marketing agency. This will ensure your website is not only operating and functioning as it should, but also fully compliant and up to date.

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Google Analytics is a great statistical programme. Make sure all the pages of your dental website are being recorded. Your web designer should have included Google Analytics when initially setting up your website. You will also be allowed to access the statistics and view the progress of your website anytime you wish.

Your next SMART goal is to check the stats every month or quarter year. By doing this, you can see how many visitors your website is attracting and how many online enquiries you are achieving each month. Google Analytics will also help to highlight areas of your dental practice website which may not be performing so well.



How often do you or your reception team ask a new patient how they found you? Many dental practices do not track and record where all their patients have come from. The Google analytical programme mentioned in your SMART goal ‘A’ above can prove how many phone calls, emails and enquiry forms have been sent to you but how good is your conversion rate? Is your front desk team informing you? How great are they in turning an enquiry into a fixed appointment?

By keeping records of your actual registrations acquired through your dental website, you will then be able to calculate the fees you have earned.

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Your front desk team are important. Train them to record all new enquiries and registrations that were initiated from your dental website. Then compare these with your analytics and it will help you calculate your conversion rates. You may be pleasantly surprised at how well your website is performing or discover great potential for developing your website in the right areas.

Don’t forget to include into your figures all the referrals from patients who originally registered through your website. That’s where it all started from!


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