Clear & Consistent Signs – Step 4

  ARE DENTAL SIGNS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR PRACTICE? Well thought out and distinctive dental signs will provide clear directions for your patients as well as reinforce your brand. You may not realise it, but signage is extremely important. Most people are unaware how much of an impact signage has on their day to day lives. From roads to railways, offices to shops, signs are absolutely everywhere therefore they extremely helpful when guiding us in a place we have never been before.   WHAT EXTERIOR SIGN OPPORTUNITIES DO YOU HAVE? Historically, many dental practices occupied period buildings and converted residential houses. Unfortunately these can be awkward and limited with regards to external […]

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Dental Practice Signage – Planning Ahead

  1. WHEN DO I START MY SIGNAGE PROJECT? Plan your dental practice signage design project as early as possible. Once your brand name and logo has been created, you can then proceed to designing concepts of how your identity will appear on a shop fascia or building façade. Avoid leaving your signage project to the last minute. You may have already instructed an architect, interior designer or a building contractor but your dental practice signage project will need to be coordinated at the same time. Electrical cables, support structures and surface preparation requires careful consideration. The whole process can consume many weeks or even months of work and involves design, surveys, planning applications, manufacturing and installation. Many dentists leave their signage […]

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