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At design4dentists we are passionate about helping our dentists generate a great return on their dental websites. This is not a straight forward exercise as it requires planning, strategy and cooperation from both design4dentists and the staff working in your dental practice.

Before creating a dental website, you need to be clear about your objectives. Why do you need a website? what do you want your website to achieve? and how do you want it to communicate with your audience? If your website is designed with purpose to attract the right patients as well as helping to educate them about your dental treatments, then you are on the right path to success.
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Don’t pick a Turkey! The main aim for a dentist wishing to have a successful dental website is to shop around for the right design and marketing agency. Be mindful when choosing a website designer who may not have any experience in dentistry. You will find yourself doing all the leg work by gathering information, writing copy, and helping them understand your world.

An experienced dental design and online marketing agency understands dentistry. If you are prepared to invest in their time, they can help you prepare all the necessary content, write copy and take practice photos saving you many hours of time consuming work.

The next step is to meet with your selected agencies, view their work and find out how they will help your dental website generate the results you need. The key is in their approach. How will they make you stand out from the competition? how well do they interpret your dental brand? and how well will they make your website communicate with your potential new patients? Lastly, find out how they will support your website after it goes live and help you generate that all important return on investment.

Your decision must not just be about the price. It’s all about the results. Ask for proof.
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Once your new website has been created, your dental design and marketing agency should advise you with ongoing support, development and online marketing. I’ve spoken to many dentists who have been tied into very expensive SEO contracts and have no idea where their money is being spent or what their website is producing out of it. They do not receive any reports or have regular communication with the agency. This is not what you need.

The right agency will analyse your dental website from the start and research your competition. They will then present you with their findings and recommend the right course of action to help generate the  exposure you need, whether it’s on the search engines, portal websites or social media platforms.

If your aim is to be number one on the google listing as quickly as possible and competition is high, be prepared to invest a lot more money than the average SEO plan. The ideal SEO package is one that can help your website get found easily online, constantly improving your website’s performance through a development plan, and with regular review programmes.
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Advertising through Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing can link your dental website immediately at the top of their search engine listing however, be aware that a highly competitive location or keyword can be far more expensive than organic SEO. It’s true that you can generate quick enquiries but ask yourself… is this form of advertising sustainable with your available advertising budgets? 

Cheap SEO companies may also contact you from time to time persuading you that they can list your dental website at number one on the search engines at a low cost fee. This may well be true but it is usually for a keyword or phrase which has no search volume by the public. No point being found for a phrase no one types into the search field.
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No dental design and marketing agency can determine how quickly your dental website will generate a return on your initial investment. Creating the right exposure online for new domain and website may take several months as opposed to an existing domain with a website that is being redeveloped. It is important to understand that a website must be reviewed and developed constantly if it is to become successful. Your chosen agency must track user behaviour and adjust the website accordingly. The dental practice must also be responsible for recording all the web related enquiries and tracing all registered patients with treatments carried.

At design4dentists we know how important it is to create the right website and to market it successfully. We also know that by working closely with the dental practice we can help them track and trace those patients acquired through the website.

Once you realise the returns generated, you will want your website to work even harder.
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As explained on the video ‘Generate ROI From Your Dental Website’, a website we had created three years a go is now maturing well on the search engines. The bulk of the hard work was initially done and the website had paid for itself in the first year. Our SEO plan had been reduced despite our recommendations for further development. In the third year our SEO strategy changed to focus on a wider exposure. The results from our work calculated as follows:

12 Month Period
• 276 Form Enquiries
• 40% Traffic Increase
• 4.5 Pages Per Visitor Average
• 70% New Users


Last 30 Days
• 29 Phone enquiries (from mobile phones only)
• 20 Email enquiries (from mobile phones only)
• 16 Form Enquiries
This excludes all the landline calls and direct emails!!!


Return On Investment
• Annual SEO Investment: £2,100
• Estimated Enquiries Calculated: £65,000


For more information call Alex Nicolaou on 01923 609770 to find out more about making the most of your dental website and generating a great return on your online investments. >



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