How Dental SEO Can Boost Your Website Enquiries




Find out how search engine optimisation can improve the performance of your dental website.

Having paid thousands of pounds to create your dental practice website, you will want to generate a steady stream of new patient enquiries and a good return on your initial investment as soon as possible.

Advertising your website on Google Adwords is a quick fix that can place you at the top of the search engines immediately but this can be very costly and is not sustainable if your marketing budget has limited funds.

Advanced dental SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies and implementation will enable your website to achieve continual results by being listed for free on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

It is advisable to employ the skills of an online marketing company that has the necessary experience in your industry. They will be familiar with the types of dental treatments and use some tried and tested SEO techniques to enhance the performance of your website.

An experienced SEO executive or online dental marketing specialist will study your website’s pages structure and content to record as many original statistics as possible to then prove their results with the dental SEO work carried out.

There are many aspects that contribute to the success of a website. However, here are the five key factors that can quickly improve the performance of your website on the search engines and be easily measured:



Why do you need to improve the page speed of your website?

A dental practice website design that takes 4 seconds or more to load can lead to 75% of users leaving your website to look elsewhere. Google updated their algorithm to make page loading a fundamental part of SEO. Websites that load quickly across all online accessible devices will take priority over sites that do not focus on page speed at all.

How will we prove our work?

We use industry recognised applications to grade the current speed of your website from A to F. Websites that have a C grade or above are loading across all devices within the recommended time frame.

Once we’ve analysed your website, and if it is currently underperforming for its page loading speed, our dental SEO experts will work through all technical challenges to make all the necessary improvements.


Why do you need your website to be seen online?

91% of all organic clicks from search engines occur on the first page of results. The most effective way of getting potential dental patients to your website is to be found easily on the organic search engine listings. This is where users can find all your treatments and services.

Our dental SEO experts use only white-hat techniques, which means we adhere to Google’s stringent guidelines and never use illegal tactics to improve visibility.

How will we prove our work?

Before starting any SEO strategy, we look at how well the website is ranking on search engine listings for a wide variety of related search terms. After a period of time, we will be able to show you how those search terms have improved based on the work we have carried out. The ultimate aim is to get as many relevant search terms as possible on the first page of Google, as more exposure tends to lead to more users entering the site.



Why do you need to know who phoned your dental practice?

We want to prove that your investment is worthwhile. An increasing number of searches are generated from smartphone users and we can now track calls linked to an online source as a direct result of our dental SEO work.

How will we prove our work?

Design4Dentists will set up a Google Business account (if you do not have one already), which will allow us to track the number of calls received from smartphone users clicking the call button through Google. We can also track how many calls come from users that tapped the telephone number anywhere on your website. By tracking calls from Google and the website, we can show you how well the conversion funnel is performing on smartphone devices.



What is technical search engine optimisation?

Your dental website is created using lots of coded instructions as well as text content, photos, graphic imagery and videos. They all need to work efficiently together in order to function and display correctly on your PC or smart device.

All these elements can become fragmented or inefficient for search engines to read and identify easily. Optimising a website requires a variety of technical and content improvements which need to be carried out regularly. Our dental SEO experts can prove how much work needs to be completed to the optimisation of your website to reach a higher standard and improve search engine efficiency.

How will we prove our work?

We use a variety of technical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools to identify where improvements can be made to the code of the website. We then update coding and important content elements, which include text tags and image tags. We can guarantee an improvement on under-performing sites.



Why do you need reports?

Reports and data analysis are crucial to understanding how the website is performing. Without statistics, there is no way of tracking where improvements have been made and where there are opportunities to develop the user experience.

How will we prove our work?

Our dental SEO team monitor analytics and record statistics through Google applications. It enables us to identify current and existing trends or behaviours. Analysing results will allow us to address areas of the website that require improvement. This can include website design, functionality, content and SEO. Before and after statistics will demonstrate improved performance.



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You can also view our dedicated dental SEO marketing packages designed specifically for dental websites.


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