Why Have Your Photo Taken?

    ACTORS & MODELS ARE NOT THE EXPERTS When a business thinks about marketing their services or goods they want customers to see their brand looking as good as it can be. Hiring actors or models can be hugely expensive, especially for small businesses and it is also time consuming as they often need to be guided or trained. Unfortunately for a dental or orthodontic practice there is only a few hours to interrupt normal operations, so time is not on their side. Not only this, the models are NOT the person a patient will see and if we are promoting our own bespoke brand, we do not want […]

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Dental Photography

  WHY USE PHOTOS? Have you ever commissioned dental photography to help market your practice? And does your website or social media pages display that personal touch? It’s been said that website articles with images get 94% more total views and people nowadays expect to have a greater user experience when browsing online.   DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY ON YOUR WEBSITE Ask yourself another question, how does your dental practice website communicate your brand to all those potential patients out there? They say a great picture is worth a thousand words and can tell a story as well as or even better than a page full of words. Professional dental photography producing […]

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