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Thank you for booking your photoshoot with design4dentists. In order for the day to run as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips to prepare the staff and practice before I arrive. After all, we want to ensure your practice looks as good as possible in the photos.



Flowers are a great prop as they create colour, brighten up rooms and add a softer texture to the photos making your clinic feel warmer and friendlier. They are also very useful as we can use them to hide any unsightly fixtures such as hanging wires, plug sockets or conduits.

If possible, please have one or two different sets of fresh flowers in vases ready for the photoshoot. They can also be in your branded colours. If someone at the practice can organise these into a vase that would be great.



Tidy rooms make the practice look like a well organised and cared for environment for your patients. And we will need to take photos of all the rooms a patient may enter or see throughout their journey.

Remove as much unnecessary clutter as possible. When taking photos, there are so many details which can stand out like a sore thumb such as yellow sterilisation bins, unused instruments or old product displays, and yes… we even want you to remove all those favourite coffee mugs, holiday postcards and the teddy bear mascot.



Coordinating staff photos can be a real challenge. If possible, we need as many dentists, nurses, specialists and support staff available on the day for their portrait photo.

We usually only need a head shot but you may want a team shot as well so please ensure staff are prepared and wearing branded uniform or clean scrubs.

I may also need them to pose for interactive photos when liaising with a pretend patient, or busy operating with surgical equipment.

If staff are apprehensive about being in the photos, please encourage them to watch this video about why dentists, clinicians and nurses should have their photo taken?



These photos are going to be used for your marketing so we want them to appear as real as possible.

If you could arrange for a pretend patient to interact with you throughout the shoot this would bring the photos to life.

Ideally, we want to take photos of reception staff liaising with a patient across the desk and in the waiting areas.



As well as photos of your best surgery and up to date equipment, we would like to take interaction shots in there too.

After all, this where the oral health care and smile transformation happens.

Patients want to see the dentist interacting with a real person. These shots will include the dentists at work treating the patient – and also in consultation with the ‘patient’ prior/post treatment.



We aim to take as many photos of the practice as possible. This is so we can capture the best aspects whether inside or outside.

Therefore we are fully aware that the practice still needs to operate and there will be patients around. We will always ask a patient if they are happy to be in a photo or rather not be involved.

If there is anything else you would like to discuss then please do not hesitate to give me a call on 01923 609770.



Alex Nicolaou is a Brand Designer and Advertising Strategist who partners with company directors, dentists, specialists and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. Having 23 years experience in dental marketing and a total of 30 years designing and advertising in all industry sectors, Alex knows how to make your brand get noticed and communicate with your ideal target audience.

Alex has always been artistic, creative and passionate about art and design. His natural talent enabled him to develop his career working on blue chip accounts for successful London based advertising and marketing agencies. The skills learned and experienced gained placed him in good stead for running his own business which he has successfully managed and directed for 25 years.

His expertise has helped dental practices and other businesses to win national awards for design, branding and marketing. If you want your business to turn heads, he’s the man.

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For more information about your up and coming photo shoot, or any other brand design projects, please call Alex Nicolaou on 01923 609770. At design4dentists we can advise you how to make the most of your marketing opportunities.
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