Alex has over 31 years experience in design, marketing and advertising creating brands for many different businesses. Before the inception of Origin 1, Alex’s career started in print media and then quickly progressed to designing and managing advertising accounts for a diverse range of corporate clients such as Berkeley Group, Barratt Homes, Wates, Manhattan Loft Corporation, Knight Frank an Savills. His portfolio soon became more expansive moving towards the financial sector where he worked on worldwide brands such as Barclays, NatWest and BP before finally establishing his own entity attracting household names are KFC, Ford, Pfizer, ABN Amro and The Priory. In the 1990’s, changes in advertising regulations led to a number of emerging markets including private healthcare and law. Dentists, doctors and other professionals were soon contacting Alex for his expertise and it wasn’t long before the design4dentists brand was born.


Since a very young age, Alex has always been artistic, creative and passionate about art and design and he knew that this was where his natural talent, and future career, lay. After his apprenticeship, Alex spent many years working on blue chip accounts for successful London advertising and marketing agencies where he learnt the skills to stand him in good stead for running his own business. His vision was, and still is, to provide smaller, more localised businesses with the same high level of service and quality but at an affordable price.

Alex is a creative thinker and is an expert in making a business look amazing by designing its branding hands on. If you want your business to turn heads, he’s the man!


Still very much hands on, Alex loves to enagage with all clients and learn as much about their dental brand as possible. By understanding their business model, their competitors and patient profiles, Alex can make an identity, website or advertising campaign look more attractive and more appealing than any other dentist in the local area. He is certainly gifted when creating a brand that requires the midas touch.

Alex likes to be closely involved with every design and marking project ensuring it follows the desired route for success. No stone is ever left unturned and every detail, no matterhow small, is considered, calculated and consulted to achieve a perfect result.

Alex uses his design skills everyday whether it is creating a new logo, brochure, website or advertising campaign. This helps to keep him fresh and up to date in a world where design and marketing is more competitive than ever before.


Highly motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic are probably the most essential attributes any dental client could wish for when partnering with a brand creator. By investing time understanding your business, your patients and your competition, Alex will be able to identify your key marketing needs and design the right communication tools to get your brand noticed.


Alex works closely with his carefully selected team of experienced designers. By involving each professional team member from the start of every project with their individual skills, design4dentists can generate ideas and concepts that become more creative.

If you give Alex and his team the freedom to express their artistic talents, they will make patients fall in love with your brand.


Alex’s expertise and his team at design4dentists help dental practices to win national dentistry awards for design, branding and marketing. They have also helped other businesses to win awards in different industry sectors for their marketing ideas and successful advertising campaigns.

You can find out more about dentistry awards here and how design4dentists beat a corporate for Best Marketing in Private Dentistry on our Dental Awards page.

Alex’s dental marketing and design services.

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