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Have you ever commissioned dental photography to help market your practice? And does your website or social media pages display that personal touch? It’s been said that website articles with images get 94% more total views and people nowadays expect to have a greater user experience when browsing online.



Ask yourself another question, how does your dental practice website communicate your brand to all those potential patients out there? They say a great picture is worth a thousand words and can tell a story as well as or even better than a page full of words. Professional dental photography producing high resolution images of your new or refurbished practice are essential when advertising state-of-the-art facilities and comfortable surroundings. If your potential online audience are able to have a sneak preview of the practice and its staff on your website before they visit, then you are more likely to gain positive interest and generate enquiries. The same applies to other offline dental marketing tools.
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Using the right dental images can boost your website conversions but if you intend to use stock photography, make sure it’s the right fit for your brand as well as the treatment or service you’re providing. Remember one important rule, people buy on emotions so a positive image will bring out a positive emotion. You don’t want to portray the wrong image as this could have a detrimental effect.

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Think about adding a personal touch. Professional dental photography of your practice and staff interacting with patients will generate more interest and engagement. It takes the user experience to the next step and brings the business to life. This will also help to increase your conversions.

Please remember that if you intend to feature a real patient on your website or any other marketing material, ensure you ask for their consent first. If you are unable to use a real patient then an actor will be suitable to help you demonstrate the patient journey.
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The ideal way to validate your work is to display the smiles and credits from real patients. Demonstrating the results of your expertise and dental skills by including before and after treatment photos will help online users to relate to their particular conditions. A full facial photo of a smile is better than just a mouth and teeth image however, this is not always possible and the more patient photos you can show, the more proof you have of your personal dental skills.

Set yourself a task and use your own dental camera to shoot before and after photos for all the treatments you provide. If you happen to be creating an amazing smile with a complex treatment, you may want to take photos at different stages throughout the course of the treatment. This helps to demonstrate the whole process whilst educating the user from start to finish.

Oh! and don’t forget to ask your happy patients to kindly a testimonial for you.
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Patients online also want to know more about you and your staff. They want to feel a connection and one of the most visited pages on your dental website is your team page.

Every member of staff should be photographed professionally and make sure they put on a happy face. Most people do not like their photo taken but who wants to be treated by a dentist or hygienist who isn’t confident about themselves?

You and your team need to appear approachable and look friendly. A professional photographer will help you to relax and take a great natural looking photo of you.
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And don’t forget… professional dental photography will pay for itself if you use them to promote your dental practice in the right way. They are not just for your website, you can use them on social media, press advertising and other marketing literature.
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Alex Nicolaou is a Brand Designer and Advertising Strategist who partners with company directors, dentists, specialists and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. Having 23 years experience in dental marketing and a total of 30 years designing and advertising in all industry sectors, Alex knows how to make your brand get noticed and communicate with your ideal target audience.

Alex has always been artistic, creative and passionate about art and design. His natural talent enabled him to develop his career working on blue chip accounts for successful London based advertising and marketing agencies. The skills learned and experienced gained placed him in good stead for running his own business which he has successfully managed and directed for 25 years.

His expertise has helped dental practices and other businesses to win national awards for design, branding and marketing. If you want your business to turn heads, he’s the man.

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For more information about your up and coming photo shoot, or any other brand design projects, please call Alex Nicolaou on 01923 609770. At design4dentists we can advise you how to make the most of your marketing opportunities.
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