Your Dental Brand Questionnaire

Below is a simple dental brand questionnaire which will provide design4dentists with a basic insight to your business.



Design is subjective so in order to create the right logo design on time and on budget, we will require some information to help us understand your brand vision. If the outcome of the design is to include your personal preferences, then you must provide a clear and concise brief. Aim to answer all the questions below and feel free to add more information if you wish. Include any specific details that you feel closely represents the kind of identity you would like us to create for you. You can also send us any additional pictures and samples via email to hello@design4dentists.com.



Some dentists prefer to be guided by our expertise. In this case we still request that you fill in as much of the questionnaire as possible as no one knows your business as much as you do. We will always contact you to clarify any details if necessary. By opting for our total guidance, the designs will be the result of our interpretation of your brand using our extensive experience, knowledge and skills.



I hope the above is understandable but please feel free to contact design4dentists to discuss any further. Some questions below may seem straightforward, but we have received unusual requests and unexpected answers in the past. Many business owners perceive their brand differently from their partners, members of staff and patients. You may also want to share this with a business partner or practice manager.

Enter the full name of the dental practice/or name you want to appear on the logo only
Include if you have one but this is not essential
For example, do you provide General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Facial Aesthetics, Specialist Dentistry?
For example, are you providing specialist dentistry, a centre for referrals, a theme of dentistry or focused treatment?
Name the type of patients you would like to attract? Or you currently carry out treatments for?
Name local dental practices or brand of dental practices if they have a website to view
Ie become a franchise, expand into different towns/cities or locate inside medical centres/offices/shopping malls etc?
How do you envisage your business developing? ie more cosmetic/therapy treatments, become a polyclinic?
5 Years? 10 Years? Forever?
Describe whether the design is to conform to a particular era or relate to a brand theme?
What standard of care will you be providing? high or low quality? appear expensive or affordable? low cost? (describe)
Must the design display a sense of fast moving (ie quick service), hi-tech (contemporary), friendliness or authority?
Do you have any colour in mind and the number of colours to appear in the identity?
Should the design include any personal influences? ie family heritage, origins, a signature of some form etc
Are there any particular styles you prefer, like or dislike?
Are there any popular brands or logos that have any particular styling that you associate with your brand?
Please include any specifics here or send your photos, images and pictures via email.

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