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At design4dentists, we offer a secure hosting package that complies with GDPR and includes the necessary recommendations set by the ICO. The Secure Hosting Package contains the necessary security features to protect your website and includes a comprehensive compliant cookie facility. Here is what the package includes:

• Domain Acquisition/Transfer with annual registrations and SSL activations.

• Secure Hosting with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

• Fast & Reliable Servers hosted in the UK with 99% uptime.

• Validated SSL Certificate which is managed and registered each year.

• POP3 Email Accounts offering unlimited branded emails.

Premium Cookie Plan that is fully compliant, protective and auto updating.

Price £75 + VAT per month



Any dental website that collects personal data from patients must have secure hosting. Patient data can simply be a name, email address and phone number or a more detailed message requesting a response from a dentist. A patient may type this information into a website through an enquiry form, a call back form or through a dedicated appointment software. Almost all dental websites offer these options now.

By hosting your website on a secure server, any information entered into a form will be protected through an encrypted connection. This adds the necessary layer of security and protection to prevent information from being easily intercepted.

It would be wise to provide your patients with a confidential and professional service from the start. Give them the reassurance they need. Appearing as a compliant dental practice may be the ticket to encourage them to contact you. You can read more about secure website hosting here.



Unfortunately emails run through a different server. The POP3 emails which are included in this hosting package are not encrypted so it is advisable to upgrade especially if you are communicating to patients with sensitive and confidential information about their medical history. We recommend using an ecrypted email platform facility such as Office 365 which can be set-up by an IT company for you. We would be more than happy to suggest companies that can help with this as they would require our assistance with domain records.



If you already have your website hosted but would like to upgrade to a secure, fast and reliable hosting platform, then simply contact design4dentists on 01923 609770. We will advise whether you can upgrade your current hosting package with the same provider or whether you should transfer to us.

Dentists who do not have an existing hosting package and wish to create a new dental website from scratch, we can help set up everything from the start. Acquire a domain address, branded email accounts and hosting facilities. The minimum recommended option is our Secure Hosting Package. For an insight into the 3 basic online practices you need to get right, read about the importance of setting up dental website hosting here.



Design4dentists also offer a fully compliant website hosting package that includes monthly website maintenance. This package is called  The Fuse Plan and includes a 10% monthly discount saving you hundreds of pounds every year.



Alex Nicolaou is a Brand Designer and Advertising Strategist who partners with company directors, dentists, specialists and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. Having 20 years experience in dental marketing and a total of 30 years designing and advertising in all industry sectors, Alex knows how to make your brand get noticed and communicate with your ideal target audience.

Alex has always been artistic, creative and passionate about art and design. His natural talent enabled him to develop his career working on blue chip accounts for successful London based advertising and marketing agencies. The skills learned and experienced gained placed him in good stead for running his own business which he has successfully managed and directed for 19 years.

His expertise has helped dental practices and other businesses to win national awards for design, branding and marketing. If you want your business to turn heads, he’s the man.



For more information call Alex Nicolaou on 01923 609770 to find out about making the most of your website marketing opportunities.
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