Your Dental Website Checklist

The form below is a simple dental website checklist created by design4dentists. It will help us to calculate an approximate fee for a bespoke website package. If you are an NHS or mixed dental practice you must include all the treatments you provide. There are extra areas to include any other treatments or services that are not specified on the lists below.

Once we have this information we will send you an estimated cost for design and production. We may also ring you to clarify any particular details. Please also ensure you fill out all your contact details too.

All GDC members must be listed on the website.
Please list any special equipment or facilities that may enhance treatment procedures or provide extra care for patients.
Please list products and brands offered at your practice.
Only fill in this section if you wish to have a dedicated Specialist Dental Referral section.
Please list any additional pages you would like to advertise on the website.
Please tick if you have the following information above, or would like to include these.
Such a R4 or Exact?
These are the top banner on the home page which can scroll to advertise three key treatments/services
Please note: Writing content for the website is a time labouring process. The tone of voice and style of writing must be kept in tune with your brand of dentistry. Treatment descriptions should not be too clinical so we advise simple and easy to understand procedures to appeal to all kinds of patients. If the website is to meet a launch date, or conform to a build schedule, using a professional copywriter and/or the services of an experienced online marketing company is recommended to help keep the website project on track.
We can offer these services/facilities. If you are interested, please tick and we can discuss the costs/options with you.
WordPress is an online management facility which allows you to make your own updates. If requested, it will require regular monthly maintenance due to its structure and functionality.
*These are GDPR requirements which you may already have in place if you host a current website. Please tick if you would like more information.



For more information call Alex Nicolaou on 01923 609770 to find out about making the most of your website marketing opportunities.
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