Is your dental website compliant?

Dental website compliance is not just about conforming to GDC regulations, its also about accommodating the wishes of the user and how search engines and internet portals grade your website for optimum exposure. At design4dentists are focused on dental website compliance to ensure dentists can make the most of their opportunities with online dental marketing. We also offer a full range of branded design and support services to enable your dental practice to not only look good online, but get you found by your ideal patients.

Many dental websites also fall down the search engine listings due to dated build structures. Some of the more modern dental websites require a refresh just to help them achieve greater search engine rankings. Mobile phones and tablets are now beginning to dominate the internet searches and the likes of Google regularly update their algorithms to accommodate the newest and most popular trends of they users.
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Is Your Content Harmful To Your Google Listings?

Google changes all the time and many dental websites can fall down the search engine listings due to keyword spamming and link building campaigns set up by black hat SEO techniques. As well as this, many websites are trying to cheat the system by claiming authorship for website content  which has been copied from another dental website. If discovered by Google, it could see their site disappear. So don’t get caught out and use a dental marketing company who practices dental website compliance.
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Dental Website Compliance: GDC, CQC & ICO

At design4dentists, we will create your website and ensure it conforms to the latest GDC, CQC and ICO guidelines. For more information please contact design4dentists and we will check your website for FREE. Alternatively click the link below for more information about dental website compliance.
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Keep Your Website Fresh & Up To Date

Regular updates and developing your dental website with useful information about treatments and services will help your practice get found more easily on the internet. Whether you wish to make small but significant changes, or have a plan to grow your website, design4dentists have a range of cost effective support and maintenance packages to help you keep up to date and your dental website complaint at all times.
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Social Media: Stay In Touch With Patients?

Blogging is a great way to keep your patients informed and up-to-date with new treatments as well as make them aware of your perspective about news worthy stories. A blog is also available to the public on the internet. Its a great way to get recognised and to provide valuable information on the internet immediately. Your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts can be updated automatically with a blog. Simply contact design4dentists for more information about setting up a blog and how to use it.
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We have found that dentists who regularly send out eNewsletters and track the responses have generated great interest. If set-up correctly, eNewsletters can be updated easily and managed by design4dentists cost effectively.
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