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I have created many dental logos and designed brands for businesses in lots of other industry sectors too. Whatever service, product or area of expertise you claim to promote, it is critical that your branding matches your professionalism.

For instance, if your business is a ‘low cost, no frills’ airline such as Ryan Air or EasyJet then you should be able to identify with this by the look of the logo and brand livery. Can you imagine how we would feel if Tiffany & Co packaged themselves with poor branding? We wouldn’t consider their products to be unique or special. They would also struggle to compete with other jewellers in their market sector.



The same applies to dental practices. The wrong dental logo design can easily send out poor signals about a dentist as well as confuse its brand ethics or core values. Believe it or not, this has a significant impact on the decisions made by new patients looking to register with a dental practice.

I have witnessed this a number of times when a well established practice with their highly experienced dentists have an unprofessional dental logo that does not represent who they really are. When a new practice opens up close by, patients end up inevitably drawn towards the new practice with a more professional looking brand identity.



It is essential for a dental logo to represent its brand in the right way. A practice in an upmarket area must have an identity to attract their key target audience. The same applies the other way round, but a dental logo should also reflect the skills and ability of the professionals who serve within the brand. Find out more about creating a powerful dental brand here >



Here are two examples of logos whose identity did not reflect the quality of branding they intended to appear as. By refreshing the design with a professional touch, a logo’s appearance can change significantly.


Just like a smile makeover or the perfect smile, by creating harmony and balance and focusing on attention to detail, a dental logo can turn from adequate to exemplary.

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Design a perfect dental practice logo here >


If you would like to find out more, please visit www.design4dentists.com
or call Alex Nicolaou our Brand & Design Director on 01923 609770 



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