Dental Testimonials

  Why use positive dental testimonials on your website? Well did you know over 90% of consumers read online reviews and testimonials before deciding on a purchase. And over 70% say positive testimonials make them trust a business more. So now the challenge is to encourage your patients to leave you with a small review or better still, write a glowing dental testimonial. You can also ask them if they would allow you to create a great case study to help patients understand more about the treatment process and how it can benefit their lifestyle as well as their looks. I’m sure many happy patients would oblige.https://www.design4dentists.com/latest-news/wp-admin/edit.php Below are four different ways […]

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Dental Design & Marketing Tips

DENTAL MARKETING VIDEOS Below is a series of short dental marketing videos which you will find both educational and entertaining. The aim of these videos is to help you and your dental team understand how to brand and market your dental practice the right way. Whether you wish to create an new dental logo or make the most of your dental website, these videos are intended to provide you with lots of hints and tips. If you wish to find out more, you can visit our design4dentists blog or contact Alex Nicolaou through any of the contact details listed at the bottom of this page.     SMART GOALS FOR YOUR WEBSITE Is […]

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