Our Senior Designer, James has a wealth of experience and has been a professional creative for over 24 years. He studied at the highly regarded Norwich University of the Arts and has a BA Honours degree in Graphic Design. After graduating, he further developed his skills working at several top agencies in Central London before joining design4dentists in 2004. He has worked for a diverse range of clients including The London Symphony Orchestra, Benetton Formula 1, The Institute of Physics, Wella Hair Care, The Green Alliance and British Airways.


James is passionate about creating unique and memorable designs that really work for our clients. One of his many strengths is his creative adaptability, producing stunning designs across a wide range of projects including logos, brochures, stationery, packaging, websites, apps, signage, interiors and advertising. James thrives on creative challenges and maximising the potential of every project task. He has a keen eye for detail and a natural artistic flair to produce designs that are as eye catching as they are effective.

Knowledge & expertise

James' expertise extends throughout the whole design process, from initial ideas and concepts through to final artwork and delivery. The products he and the team produces have to be of the highest standards. Whether managing an advertising campaign with the tightest of deadlines, or printing colour critical branded promotional material, you can feel assured that James would stand by the printing press pushing for perfection.


James knows that branding is how people understand and relate to your business. Your visual identity is just part of a much bigger picture. Your mission statement and even your reputation are all part of your brand and James understands how to develop the right tone of voice to create communication tools that ideally match. At design4dentists James ensures every team member involved look at each individual design project as part of the whole brand. It’s imperative to always focusing on capturing the heart of what our clients represent and the values and image they hope to communicate to their audiences.


While branding has many factors and influences, well considered design is an invaluable and influential factor in communicating your business and vision to your patient base. James has great experience in developing brands and getting them working effectively for our clients. His skills cover the full spectrum of producing successful identities. This includes designing logos that stand our clients' businesses out from the crowd (as well as coming up with a new practice name if required). From the outset, James seeks to understand the client, the image they are hoping to convey and the marketplace they are competing in. Only after careful research does the creative work begin, resulting in designs that really work as well as looking great. Once an identity has been created, a visual language is established that can be developed across a wide range of applications. A new brand name and logo is one thing, James is equally adept at translating the new identity across stationery, brochures and signage and many other brand elements.


James is a keen team player and is as comfortable and productive in collaboration as he is individually. His expertise extends throughout the whole design process, from initial ideas and concepts through to final execution making sure that the product our clients receive is of the highest possible quality.

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