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Has your website ever experienced a glitch? For instance, you may have clicked through a link and seen a ‘404 Page Not Found’, or a photo not displaying on a web page, or worse still… your dental website has suddenly disappeared! So what can you do to prevent downtime and optimise performance? The answer is to ensure you are maintaining your dental website with the right support plan in place. Although this will add extra costs to your expenses each month, it will provide you with peace of mind and prevent a whole list of potential problems which can occur at any time.

But wait I hear you asking, what could possibly go wrong???
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Dental websites are more complex than they used to be. Nowadays they include special features to enhance the patient experience. These can be a whole variety of different interactive and non-interactive functions and effects such as animation, videos, online enquiry forms and even finance calculators. All of which need to be tested regularly when supporting and maintaining your dental website properly.
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Every website is hosted on a server somewhere in the world. Web servers also require maintenance and occasionally they require upgrading or moving location as and when the hosting company expands. It is also not uncommon to hear of web servers getting hacked into. I have witnessed websites that have been totally corrupted so therefore it is important to identify any abnormal defects or broken links otherwise your website will not operate as it should.

Try to avoid low cost hosting and choose a provider with a good reliable reputation. Ideally your dental website is better off being hosted on a secure server. This can usually be identified with https as opposed to http at the beginning of the url (domain address on the internet browser). This is not to suggest that you should stop maintaining your dental website as hosting companies still need to check all their servers and carry out regular tests  to ensure they are fully operational at all times.
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If your website is built in WordPress and you are familiar with carrying out updates then you have the opportunity in maintaining your dental website yourself. However, if time is limited and your website uses multiple plugins or adaptive theme coding, then it would be advisable to use a web designer who knows how to check and support your WordPress website. Free plugins used on content management systems such as WordPress are notorious for conflicting with other coding. If you have a WordPress website it requires managing and updating as often as possible.
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Most internet users or dental patients have access to several different PC’s, Apple Macs and mobile devices. All of which run on different operating systems with different internet browsers. Your website may not display correctly each time Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox launches a new version. When maintaining your dental website with the right plan in place, your dental marketing company or website design team will check your site is displaying correctly on all the latest browsers.
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Finally, websites should always be backed up correctly especially if you have more than one web designer updating it. There should be a copy on a remote server as well as a local server. Failure to do so could result in your design and content being lost forever. Don’t get caught out. It could cost you dearly.
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