Stephen has over 25 years IT experience providing Infrastructure, Email and Digital Marketing consultancy to many blue chip companies such as GSK, PwC, Sony Computer Entertainment, Virgin Money, Dixons and Fujitsu. For the last 5 years Stephen has used these valuable skills to help compliment his Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) career gained by successfully launching an online pharmacy competing against some of the world's largest web stores.


Even at school Stephen was interested in technology, saving up for an expensive home computer which ultimately set the foundations for a long and successful IT career.

After leaving University with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, Stephen set upon a career as an IT support expert. After a number of years taking on increasing levels of responsibility from team leader, management and project management, Stephen realised he had the skills to start his own business and started providing IT consultancy to many companies around the UK.

Over the past five years Stephen has used his infrastructure skills promoting a new pharmacy online in one of the most competitive industries with a very limited budget. The pharmacy now has hundreds of repeat customers and over 200 competitive keywords ranked in Google's top 3 listings.

Stephen is competitive by nature, in sport and in business and this is essential in the cut-throat world of SEO where attention to detail and working smart is critical to help keep your website ahead of your competition.

There is no room for complacency in the SEO world. It is constantly evolving and Stephen is the perfect person to help your dental practice become a success online.

Knowledge & Focus

Stephen is highly knowledgeable about the 200 ranking factors that Google use to determine the position of your keywords and exposure of your website. More importantly, he can prove that the SEO techniques and ideas he carries out can significantly increase the acquisition of online customers and ultimately revenue. These are probably the two most essential attributes any SEO client could wish for from their website.

By investing time understanding your dental practice, your patients and your competition, Stephen will be able to identify which keywords and pages should be targeted to help transform your business.

Stephen now has experience of transforming the online presence for nearly 50 client websites across the UK, from estate agencies, to funeral directors, plumbers and nurseries. However, his main skills lie in the dental sector where he is responsible for the long term SEO of over 35 dental practices across the UK.

He knows what keywords patients will search for, which treatments can be ranked quickly and can prove that his SEO techniques in the dental sector will help increase patient numbers and generate revenue.


Stephen works closely with a carefully selected team of experienced web designers and brand designers to ensure that any of our client websites not only look fantastic, but are also optimised to maximise the number of customers won through Google and Bing searches.

Once you trust Stephen to express his competitive nature and use his knowledge to manage your SEO campaign, you’ll wish you had done it earlier!

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