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design4dentists have been creating Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) for dental practices throughout the UK for many years. We manage over £250k a year in PPC (Pay Per Click) ad spend with proven bidding strategies to maximise their return on investment.

Why you should use Google advertising for your dental clinic

Get immediate results
Boost traffic to attract new patients
Showcase specialist treatments
Promote seasonal offers

Profitable Google Ad Campaigns
Our most popular and profitable Google Ad campaigns include:
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We have all the expertise required to promote your dental practice using Google Ads.

"I cannot begin to explain what an excellent service they provide for us. They deliver results, what more do you want?"
Mozammel Haque

design4dentists is rated 5 out of 5 based on 16 ratings with Google My Business

Get immediate results
with Google Ads

design4dentists have an outstanding track record advertising dental treatments using Google Adwords. They produce quick and measurable results. Many of our dental clinics have seen a dramatic increase in traffic and revenue within days after launching their campaigns.

Increase your conversion rates

With Google Ads, we can place your dental practice in front of the right patients who are searching for services and products you provide.

This helps to make the decision process easier for patients resulting in more relevant enquiries at a much faster rate.

Reach more patients in your area

Did you know that paid ads can also boost your visibility on the Google Maps? You can also beat your local competitors and win patients looking for dental practices near them.

Great return on investment

When managed correctly, Google Ads is a great online marketing tool that will pay for your advertisements many times over.

At design4dentists our dedicated PPC team can identify the most searched for treatments or products, and then develop bespoke campaigns that only targets the kind of patients that may be suitable for your dental practice.

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