Dental Brochure Design and Print

Dental practice brochure design & production

Aside from your website, one of the most essential marketing tools for your practice is your brochure as it helps you sell your brand when you are not available to sell it yourself.

It should be regarded as an extension of yourself and how you portray and conduct your business. Ideally your website and brochure should be produced by the same company as they need to be closely related aesthetically to reinforce your branding. Anything less than this will not give the desired impression. click here to read more »

dental practice brochure design packages

The DL size, tri-folded format is very popular with dental practices as it fits easily into a standard DL envelope with a minimum weight which requires only a first class stamp. Including digital artwork, colour visual and expenses from:

Our tri-fold brochure design content includes:
  • Welcoming information
  • List of services
  • Practice photography (half day included*)
  • Library image
  • Map
  • Opening times
  • Contact details
Design & Print x 1,000 from
£2,250.00 +VAT
Perfect size for use with a C5 envelope designed at either portrait or landscape. Usually with 8 pages, the design enables us to create a higher impact with the luxury of extra space. A larger format automatically gives the impression of a high quality practice and the patient is more likely to keep it or pass it on to a friend or family member.

Our A5 brochure design content with 8 pages includes:
  • Welcoming information
  • Introducing the team
  • List of general dental services
  • Specialist areas of cosmetic dentistry
  • Practice photography (half day included*)
  • Library images
  • Map
  • Opening times
  • Contact details
Design & Print x 1,000
(8 pages)
£5,000.00 NO VAT
You can impress your patients with exciting and really informative material and make them feel that they are going to the best place for their dental treatment.

A lifestyle magazine or brochure with images, testimonials, graphic illustrations and easy readable articles helps patients gain confidence and will help them understand how important your work is to them.

The recommended design of the brochure can be from 12 pages to 32 pages.

Design & Print x 1,000 A4 12 pages
£6,750.00 NO VAT

Please Note: Prices vary according to the number of library images, print finishing and design time required. Design fees include one client alteration and include one of our in-house stock library images. For more information about photo images click here.

*Half day photography fees for practices based in London and Home Counties.

If you would like to order your brochure or for prices on different sizes please click here.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call 01923 609770.